We all want to be resurrected, but we forgot our ancestors.

I want to go to heaven to see people that I miss and continue interacting with people I love.

My desire for heaven grows stronger with each visit to the cemetery. When we are older, we talk more about the people of the past.

At some point in our lives, we realize that we have more loved ones on the other side of eternity than here.

The Old Testament recognizes this truth and often uses the expression that someone “was joined to his people” (Genesis 25: 8,17; 35:29; 49:33; Numbers 20:24; 27: 12-13). When Jacob thought that Joseph was dead, he wanted to see him (Genesis 37:35), and no doubt he wanted heaven more than before.

David also wanted to go to heaven to see his son who lived only a short time (2 Samuel 12: 22-23).

Personally, I want to see my grandparents, elders under whom I have served, my teachers and mentors, preachers I have met and respected, and Christian friends with whom I have adored and worked.

I can see them with the eyes of my mind, all in a line on the shore of the “Jordan” to receive me when my boat arrives!

But in the meantime, I can celebrate your life, work and legacy. I can also honor your memory and live in our minds and hearts as long as we remember them.

Therefore, it’s good that there is a platform like Passaway.org, created and designed for that purpose, in which we can share with our friends, the legacy, teachings and life of those dear and significant people who are no longer with us, but that we long to see soon.

– Christian Newspaper: LA PALABRA / THE WORD

Posted on August 27, 2018
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