Hawaii becomes a US territory - In 1900, on this day, the Hawaiian Islands were officially declared as territory of the United States, with a new Read More
George Bush ultimatum to Iraq - During the Gulf War, on February 22, 1991, US President George Bush, with the allied countries, gave Iraq an ultimatum Read More
Battle of Verdun begun - On February 21, 1916, during the World War I, the Battle of Verdun started, leading to one of the longest Read More
Sex scandal over TV evangelist - In 1988, the Jimmy Swaggart, America's leading television evangelist, confessed that he had been consorting with a prostitute and he Read More
First American to orbit the Earth - In 1962, on February 20, Marine Lieutenant John Glenn, the first U.S. spaceman to orbit the Earth, landed safely in Read More
Violence unleashed between Muslims and Hindus - In 1983, during a campaign for state elections, violence between Muslims and Indians in Assam, India, killed more than 1,000 Read More
Thomas Edison patented his gramophone - On February 19, 1878, Thomas Edison was granted a patent for his gramophone (phonograph). Perhaps it wasn’t the first device Read More
Roosevelt authorized deportation of Japanese Americans - During World War II, in 1942, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, with Executive Order 9066, declared that all people of Japanese Read More
Pope Francis questioned U.S. President - In 2016, Pope Francis questioned the U.S. President Donald Trump's Christianity, after he announced his intentions of building a wall Read More
“Nixon doctrine” - On February 18, 1970, U.S. President Nixon announced the establishment of the “Nixon doctrine”, stating that to maintain international peace, Read More