Pope John Paul II died - On April 2, 2005, the third longest-serving pontiff in history, the 84 years-old Pope John Paul II died in the Read More
Argentina seized Falklands - In 1982, numerous Argentine troops seized the Falklands (Malvinas), a British territory in the South Atlantic, which caused friction between Read More
Iran became the Islamic Republic - In 1974, the Iranian Revolution resulted in the transformation from a monarchy, under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, to the Islamic Read More
22.5 kilometers human chain against nuclear sites - On April 1, 1983, over 80.000 peace demonstrators formed a human chain of 22.5 kilometers to protest against what they Read More
Alhambra Decree expelled Jews from Aragon - On March 31, 1492, the Catholic monarchs, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Aragon, issued the Alhambra Decree, also known Read More
First troops arrived in Vietnam - In 1965, after Kennedy’s assassination, the new U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson ratified his intention to reinforce the battle against Read More
Ronald Reagan has been shot - In 1981, after speaking at the Washington Hilton Hotel, the U.S. President Ronald Reagan and three other men were hurt Read More
Dalai Lama received asylum in India - On March 30, 1959, Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, after a 15-day journey on foot from Lhasa, arrived Read More
Charles Manson received a death sentence - In 1971, after a 225-day trial, Charles Manson and four other men were sentenced to death for the murders of Read More
Beethoven debuted as a pianist - On March 29, 1795, Ludwig van Beethoven, at 24 years old, made his debut as a pianist in Vienna. He Read More