A celebration of life event is a memorial service that’s usually held after a burial or cremation service.  Celebration of life events are, on average, more upbeat and joyful than the average repass, for it encourages families and friends to share their beloved memories and moments with their loved one. This type of memorial is a more gentle path through the grieving process. However, like all funeral and memorial services, a celebration of life event requires planning and organization. Arranging a celebration of life requires the asking and answering of many questions, and we’re here to help guide you through them.

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What to Consider

When planning a celebration of life event, many ideas and avenues need to be explored. To help you plan this event, we’ve provided some common questions that come up during the preparation stages:

  • Who will you invite? We’ve listed this first because it’s one of the more important questions to ask yourself. The number of guests on your list will give you a better idea on where you should host this event. It’s important to extend the invitation to the family members who were close to the deceased, as well as close friends.

  • Where/when should this event take place? While you can’t bend to every guest’s schedule, it’s important to consider who will be around and who is traveling during potential dates for the event. Are any guests from out-of-town? Is there a special date that holds significance to the recently deceased? These are just a few factors to keep in mind when planning your celebration of life event. If you have a lot of guests, sometimes it’s more cost-effective to host this celebration in an outdoor setting. However, if your guest list is a modest size, you can certainly host this event at a banquet hall, restaurant, etc.

  • Who will speak at the event? Do you know any family members that want to make a speech or presentation at your celebration of life event? Or, will you encourage attendees to speak freely of their memories? Since it’s a celebration of life event, it’s ideal to share stories that are happy and upbeat to keep with the tone of the party.

  • Will there be any readings or music? When it comes to selecting music, we find that many families like to play music that’s reminiscent of their loved one and their time period. Other families like to comprise a playlist of songs from their loved one’s favorite artist. The choice is up to you!

Like any memorial event, there’s plenty to think about when planning a celebration of life event. Never be afraid to ask family members for their help and opinion, even though this is a happy event, it still can be exhausting–especially while you’re working through your grief.

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Posted on October 29, 2018
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