Donating Your Loved One’s Personal Items

With the passing of a loved one, many steps need to be taken to ensure that all affairs are in order. Funeral arrangements need to be made, family members have to be notified, a death certificate must be obtained, and much more. However, once the funeral and burial process has passed and all the commotion begins to settle, it’s time to think about your loved one’s personal items. What are you supposed to do with a loved one’s belongings after their death? Once their keepsakes and other important items have been given to family members and friends–via their last will and testament–other common household items will be left to take care of. From furniture, trinkets, old books, ect., there are many personal items that will need to be sorted through, sold, or donated.  

Sorting and Donating

Before you set out to donate your loved one’s remaining belongings, it might be helpful to reach out to family and friends first. Maybe you know someone who would like their old book collection or could find great use in a few furniture pieces. However, if you find that you still have many items left over, here are a few good donating ideas:


The options for donating clothes is truly endless. From the Salvation Army to local consignment shops, clothing donations are welcome in many areas.


If your loved one left behind a collection of books–old or new–there are many options for donation. If the books are in good condition, many local libraries will accept them. Books for Soldiers, Operation Paperback, and Books for Africa are also great options for donations.

Furniture and Household Items

For remaining furniture, you’ll want to find a facility that’s local and easy to drive to. You could also arrange a pickup of these items as well if they are too large to transport by car. Habitat for Humanity has many Restore stores across the nation that will accept used furniture and household items for resale. Another great option is the Salvation Army. They typically take anything from clothes to household items.

When donating your loved one’s belongs, you want to make sure that these items are in decent shape or gently-used condition. For items that show their wear and tear, it might be best to dispose of them. While this may be a very difficult time, sometimes, the burden of sorting and donating your loved one’s is lightened by knowing that these special items are going to a good cause and families that need them.

Posted on February 6, 2019
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