The way we remember our loved ones and pay tribute to their memory plays a very important role in our lives. It also shapes the way our children will remember us and celebrate our lives–as parents and as grandparents. Unfortunately, as adults, we sometimes suppress the memories of our parents and our grandparents since it brings up the painful memories of their passing; this is especially true when their death is still relatively new. However, despite the grief we may feel, it’s so important to keep the legacy of our loved ones alive for our children and our grandchildren. If you want your grandchildren to remember you, then you should start sharing stories of your grandparents with them. Show them that reflecting on old memories don’t always have to be sad. Here are some ideas:

  • Cook some of their old favorite meals: Sharing meals that you once shared with your own grandparents is a great way to honor your deceased loved ones and get the conversation flowing. Talk about why these meals were some of their favorites, or you can share the fun conversations you once had over these meals. Making this activity common in your house will only show the importance of it to your children/grandchildren. With its importance emphasized, one day, this is something that they will do with their own family.
  • Break out the old photos: There’s no better way to share memories of your grandparents than paging through old photographs of them. If you remember the stories behind some of the photos, tell them! Show them the importance of taking and keeping pictures to remind them of all the wonderful times you had together.
  • Spend time doing their favorite activities: Another great way to pass along the memories of your grandparents is to share with your grandchildren the fun activities you would do together. If you used to go to the local park and bird watch with your grandparents, then try to do those same activities with your grandchildren.

Keeping the legacy of your grandparents alive will teach your grandchildren how to keep yours alive in years to come.

Create an online In Memoriam or celebration of life page to immortalize their legacy.  

Posted on January 14, 2019
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